COCI Serbia initiated a new project called MY FIRST JOB.  Our special educator provides training to special needs individuals to prepare them to apply for regular jobs. This project is run in cooperation with various employers that are ready to employ special needs individuals. The training is well targeted and planned in accordance with specific needs. Training usually lasts about three months. Our first girl to find a job is Slavica. She is now regularly employed at McDonald’s as an assistant worker. McDonald’s has very strict criteria and Slavica’s training was neither simple nor easy.

My first job #1

In addition to the challenge of intensive training, Slavica confronted the problem of separation from her family. She was driven on daily basis from Sopot to Belgrade until we found out that Slavica became more and more tired of travelling. A solution was created by Slavica’s relatives who live in Belgrade and offered for her to stay with them during working days. On the weekends Slavica is more than happy to go to Sopot to see her family.

This story is a small glimpse of how COCI Creates Brighter Futures for some of the Worlds Most Vulnerable Children. Less than 10 years ago, someone like Slavica would have been destined to a life of institutionalization. Amazingly, she is now living a full life making her own unique contribution.

Way to go Slavica! We are proud of you.


Welcome Stefan to the COCI family!

20131210_125908 (481x535) (214x240)

Stefan is a two year old boy, very intelligent and unbelievably cute…he speaks Serbian and has already acquired at least 20 English words. He already calls his newly adopted parents mom and dad. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy…his biological mother never wanted to see him. Well, his luck has changed…he has recently been adopted and will bring a lot of happiness to his mom and dad in years to come. Welcome to your new home Stefan, we love you! COCI stands for a world in which each child has the opportunity to live life fully and to make their unique contribution, we look forward to the contribution Stefan will make. 

Did you know that COCI helps facilitate adoptions of special needs children in Serbia? We are NOT an adoption agency, the Serbian Government handles all the adoption decisions. However, because our our extensive involvement with special needs children in Serbia, we are skilled at navigating the system smoothly and efficiently. For more information please contact us.

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As Kenya celebrates its Golden Jubilee on December 12, 2013, a group of Kenyans will celebrate in a very special way. This monumental day will mark Team COCI-Kenya’s third day of climbing Mt. Kenya.

COCI kidsAs they raise the Kenyan flag on Point Lenana to celebrate this great occasion, just like Munyao did 50 years ago, this passionate group will also be raising the hopes of many children who would otherwise have little hope in life. Every step they take on the highest Mountain in Kenya will put smiles on the faces of Orphaned children.

You can take that step with them wherever you are; climb Mount Kenya with Team COCI-Kenya volunteers by raising funds to support COCI children.

At COCI we love to change children’s lives all over the world and have fun while doing it!

How to donate: In Kenya

Send your Donation to:

Mpesa Pay Bill 307940

Steps to take:

1. Mpesa

2. Payment Services

3. Pay Bill

4. Enter Business Number 307940

5. Enter Account No. Mt. Kenya

NB: The Pay Bill is registered to SOS-COCI and if fully administered by SOS.

How to Donate: In the USA – Donate OR share this link with others click here

Background on COCI:

  • On September 27th, 2013, Cherish Our Children International (COCI-pronounced Kosi) celebrated 20 years of changing lives of the world’s most vulnerable children living in the most desperate situations.
  • COCI supports a number of projects all over the world in which Kenya is one of them. Other countries include Serbia, Bosnia, Mexico and the United States of America.

COCI in Kenya:

  • COCI has been in Kenya since 2000;
    • It helped establish Children First Organization (CFO) a NGO that supported 16 orphans in Kisumu.
    • Built a pre-school with a capacity of 100 vulnerable children in Nyalenda slums in Kisumu. The School provided not only education, but also nutrition and medical care to the children.
    • Supported 51 vulnerable children through and Outreach Program in Bondo.
  • COCI expanded its efforts in Kenya in 2012 and now supports an SOS house, House No.3, in the new Kisumu SOS Village.
  • The house like the all other houses in the village has a capacity of 10 children.
  • There are currently 8 children in house No. 3, 2 more are expected at any time to fill the remaining capacity.
  • COCI fully supports the approach taken by SOS to provide a ‘mama’ in every house.
  • Indeed it is impressive to know that ‘mamas’ remain mothers to these children throughout their lives.
  • COCI is making a difference, join us in cherishing our children.