Share the Joy with Sophia

Derrick and I feel so incredibly blessed to have Sophia in our lives. We also feel fortunate that we have the means with which to take care of her basic needs, and then some. It’s our goal as parents to teach her that giving back, and doing what you can to help those that are less fortunate, is what we are put here on this earth to do. So please join us in doing what each of you can to make a positive impact on the life of someone else that so desperately needs it. In this case all the funds go towards not only bettering, but saving the lives of children right here in Houston, as well as around the world. Please do what you can. Every bit makes a difference to these children who have nothing to begin with.

God Bless you all! XOXO, Derrick, Naomi & Sophia

Donate to our Birthday Page for COCI in honor of Sophia’s Birthday here

Putting things in Perspective

Please read this story from our staff in Serbia. Helps to ground us and put in perspective the riches we have. A couple of weeks ago I delivered an old wood stove to one poor family (mother Milica and two boys, Jordan and Ivan). Their father died of TB five months ago and the mother is having serious heart problems. They live from social support that is far from sufficient even for basic needs. While I was installing the stove little Ivan was looking at me very sadly… “These people who gave us the stove, they must be very rich. They must have a swimming pool and beautiful garden around their house, ” he continued. Then he started crying… It was really difficult to watch this boy crying so I replied; “It just looks like that, let me put it this way young man,  they have a swimming pool and you have a little river near your house, they have a garden, yes, but you have the entire forest around your house with the beautiful sky with a lot of stars. And all the stars are only yours, they have one dog and you have four of them, what do you think… who is rich now?” I finished. Ivan stared at me for a while and then he replied smiling, “Those poor people, maybe we should give them one dog?”


Thank you Team COCI

Please join me in thanking Bill and our awesome TeamCOCi who trekked to Dallas for the Janus challenge Triathlon. Bill is incredibly strategic and brought to COCI in addition to the money raised individually on their team individual pages, an extra $10,000+ in match money for the COCI kids!!!

Way to go Bill, thanks so much to the team.

We are soooooo proud of all of you,