Meet our Founder

Juli Hall – Founder and Board Chair of Cherish Our Children International is the President of JKC Inc., a management consulting firm based in Houston, Texas.  Juli is a senior Program Leader for LANDMARK EDUCATION, specializing in the field of Communication. In addition, Juli is a triathlete who runs half marathons with TEAM COCI, raising funds for the kids that Cherish Our Children serves!  Juli resides in Houston and Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband, film director Price Hall, and is the very proud Mother of Abbie Kamin (graduating law student at American University) and professional actor Jennie Kamin (class of 2012 – Tulane University). Of late, Juli was on the producing team for ‘Artist’s Die Best in Black’, a gothic thriller filmed in Mississippi in 2013 starring Malcolm McDowell and Luke Goss.

In 1993, Juli Hall of Houston, Texas was moved to ease the plight of Romanian orphans abandoned after the fall of the brutal Ceausescu regime. She established Cherish Our Children International (COCI) as a non-profit organization to sponsor and implement model programs that now benefit thousands of children around the world. Today, twenty years later, Juli is as passionate as ever to make a difference in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.