Jackie Grant is currently the IT Asset Management Project Manager for MD Anderson. Her resume doesn’t reflect the fact that her parents were poor but hardworking farm workers. Industrious herself, she earned her first paycheck at age ten working at her grandparents’ soul food restaurant.

Determined that she would have a better life through education, Jackie’s parents placed great emphasis on her academic success. Although they feared that her disadvantages (being poor, black and female) would limit her, Jackie broke the mold. She has lived her life with the outlook that everything is possible. Jackie has used her intelligence, creativity and hard work to accomplish all that her parents had only dreamed possible for her. Throughout her work life, Jackie has contributed to workability and caused positive change by thinking “outside the box.”

Rather than becoming beaten or embittered by the discrimination and cruelty she endured at times, Jackie developed compassion for others. She is a passionate advocate for human dignity.

Experience has taught Jackie that one person can truly make a difference. COCI’s dedication to brighter futures for the world’s most vulnerable children is perfectly in sync with the difference Jackie is committed to making.