Meet one of our sweet COCI Kids. Bernard is 4 years old. His mother died while his father was in police custody for criminal charges. He had been under the custody of his aged widowed grandfather until his admission to COCI House #3 at SOS Children’s Village Kisumu for proper care and custody.

Bernard is very lively and outgoing, which has made it possible for him to be able to make many friends both at home and in school. He is a mama’s boy and does not like it when anyone comes close to his House Mother. He is also protective and will fight for what is his. During his free time, he volunteers to help with simple duties around the house. He enjoys playing hide and seek, football, and watching cartoon programs especially Ben Ten.

Bernard loves order and would therefore like to become a warden. He is in kindergarten and progressing well. ALL of Bernard’s needs for optimum health, education, and love are met for $100 per month. Amazing that this is all possible for such a small investment.

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