When you visit Kisumu SOS House 3 in Kenya, you will notice Felix who stands out as one of the tallest boys. He is soft spoken yet quick with energy. With his warm yet curiously shy smile, Felix will magnetically attract you to want to know more about him.

Felix lives in a Kenyan home sponsored by COCI. Being the second oldest child in the home, he is a great help with household chores as well as the needs of his younger siblings. He is 13 years old and in Standard Seven of his Primary Education. He will sit for his National Examinations next year, which will mark the end of his primary education and the beginning of his important secondary education.

Like most students at this grade, he spends a substantial amount of time studying to prepare for that big milestone. He studies hard, aspiring to join St. Patrick’s High School, which has a competitive cut-off mark for admission.

Felix loves playing football with his friends. He is also the Command Leader of his Boy Scout team, a role is reserved only for those who diligently observe the Scout code and have earned the respect of their peers. Coincidentally, Felix aspires to serve in the Kenya Army when he grows up.

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Hi mother, Lydia, describes Felix as a very disciplined and respectful child. He demonstrates these virtues both in his interactions at the COCI home and throughout the village at large.“Even the teachers, in school, commend him for his good behavior,” Lydia adds proudly. Having spent time with Felix, we can see these qualities shining through.

Felix enjoys chapatti cooked by his mama and his favorite color is blue.