Maria is just thirteen years old, yet she takes responsibility for the life she faces. Her father is an alcoholic who drinks every day and her mother is absent, working seven days a week as a cleaning woman.

Maria has seven brothers, the five eldest of whom behave badly while the two youngest depend on Maria to do all the cooking cleaning, laundry and caring for them. In short, Maria fulfills all the responsibilities of a mother. Maria gets herself to school, never having to be told to do her homework or to bring her little brothers with her. During class she shows keen interest; she is hard working, happy to learn, and helpful to friends when they do not understand the material.

Had Cherish Our Children International not established the Little Blue School that Maria attends, she would have had little chance for such an excellent education. Her entire future is so much brighter than what was predictable before. At COCI, we provide long term solutions for the world’s most vulnerable children.

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