Hear from two of our Team COCI members and how being on the team made a difference for them. Also, read one of our athlete stories below.


Thanks to Team COCI, I crossed the 2010 Arizona Ironman Finish Line! My name is Gabrielle Baumeyer, and I am proud to say that supporting children is my Reason2Race! Since the age of 15, I dreamed of doing something significant in the sporting arena; however, I wasn’t the athletic type and had challenges staying motivated to exercise. I watched classmates participate in all kinds of sporting endeavors, and I never thought I could play at their level. The years following, I dabbled in running but continued to seek that “carrot” that would really get me in action.

A friend invited me to join Team COCI.  She gave me the opportunity to have my journey to the finish line be about something bigger than achieving just my personal goal. She said it could help me stay motivated by racing for a bigger cause.

She told me I could race for children like Kennedy from Kenya who was orphaned at the age of 10 and had suffered many years from malnutrition, parasites and fungus infections. Kennedy is now living at a COCI supported Children First compound and is a healthy active young boy who loves to read and dreams of someday becoming a doctor.

She was right when she said these children would keep me motivated. In 2007 I did my first sprint triathlon (.3 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run) and raised over $2,400 for COCI. Knowing I was helping children, some of whom I have personally met, helped me keep training and do what I needed to cross that finish line. Since then, I have picked one race in each tiathlon season to be for the children COCI supports.

In November 2010, I completed the Arizona Ironman, and with the support of many I raised $22,000 for the COCI kids. My dream of doing something significant in the sporting arena has come true, and the best part is that I have gotten to make a difference for others along the way. Here’s to having a Reason2Race!

Gabrielle Baumeyer