A COCI Pillar is a person who believes in our organization’s mission and vision and can fully support both who we are and what we are doing for vulnerable children around the world.

A COCI Pillar is someone who understands that structure and good business acumen are required to run an organization and is willing to support baseline operating expenses.

A COCI Pillar is a giant on whom others can stand. This is an elite category of giving requiring an investment of $10,000 each year for three years.

Meet the COCI Pillars

Why should I become a COCI Pillar?

  • First and foremost is the satisfaction in knowing that I am contributing to making a difference in the lives of children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and in some cases, possibly not even sustain their life.
  • I will not only be contributing to COCI children, but also to humanity as a whole. COCI’s mission is global and I will be joining a vast network of people who love others and are powerfully joining hands to make a difference in the lives of children.
  • I will receive specialized acknowledgement based on my unique preferences, not because I need acknowledgement but because my actions inspire others and I have a story to tell and a legacy to leave.
  • I have the opportunity to make my contribution as a tribute in honor, or in memory, of an individual or concept. This gives me the chance to honor those who have inspired me.
  • My support will provide the necessary stability to do more than ever before.

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