It all started in 1991 when Juli Hall, Founder of Cherish Our Children International (COCI), peeked over another traveler’s shoulder and spied a photo in the Washington Post that showed orphans being warehoused in Romania. That one photo was the impetus for a half a dozen programs that have saved or enhanced the lives of tens of thousands of children worldwide.

One woman’s determination to make a difference led to the creation of Cherish Our Children International, fondly known as COCI!

COCI’s programs have helped heal, educate and advocate for children in Bosnia, Israel, Romania, Serbia, Kenya, Mexico and in the USA.

Over the years COCI has developed and funded a variety of projects and programs worldwide that have met our vision, mission and values criteria. We target our financial and leadership support to vulnerable children in urban or rural settings. Please click a country for more specific information.
Current Programs:
Past Programs:
ISRAEL- Bridge to Peace
KENYA- Children First Organization