Today, states spend between $66,000 and $88,000 per year on each juvenile offender—and their numbers are increasing. By helping students become self-respecting and self-sufficient, No More Victims (NMV) is saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

NMV addresses the physical, emotional, and scholastic needs of children experiencing the trauma of parental incarceration. These children often suffer from teen violence, gang involvement, self-injury and teen pregnancy. The vast majority, lacking supervision, motivation and support, drop out of school.

NMV began as just a hand-full of students in Houston’s MB Smiley High School, where 80% of students are economically disadvantaged and 50-90% have an incarcerated parent or family member. NMV has expanded into a total of four Houston high schools and in 2013 served 250 students.

In 2013/14 school year, 100% of students involved in NMV graduated!

NMV’s peer-support model has been phenomenally successful for well over a decade. In addition to student members of NMV, the organization also supports more than 2500 program alumni who not only graduated from high school, but in many cases went on to trade schools, junior college, college, and the military.

Cherish Our Children International supports the mission of No More Victims and believes that duplication of the program in other major cities would greatly impact society and dramatically improve the outlook of these vulnerable children.

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