COCI is Cherishing Our Children in Haiti!

Cherish Our Children International (COCI) is delighted to announce that we are now partnering with L’Ecole de Choix in Haiti to assist in bringing about a brighter future for Haiti by beginning where it counts — with our children. Once again, COCI is partnering to create sustainable solutions for the world’s most vulnerable children.

  • In the rural village of Mirabalais, Haiti, about 180 children drawn from the most extreme conditions of poverty will now have a choice in life. They are attending L’École de Choix.

L’Ecole de Choix (The School of Choice) is a trilingual elementary school with coursework conducted in Creole, French and English. Employing highly qualified teachers, L’Ecole de Choix nurtures young Haitians to become Haiti’s future leaders by providing them with an exceptional education that focuses on leadership development and stresses Haiti’s strong values of liberty and dignity. Choix allows for its students and their families to have choices that could not exist without such education.

It is central to Choix’s mission that 50% of its students be Haitian girls, and that all of its students learn in an environment infused with values of respect, dignity, inclusion and accountability. There are many children in the Central Plateau who have no access to education because their parents cannot afford the $25 tuition, much less the cost of uniforms, books and other fees (which raises the expense to an average of more than $100 per family per year). But, for those who can pay, as in other regions, they pay first for the boys in the family, further limiting the girls.

The school was established in 2011 thanks to the heart, brains and dedication of its founder, Laura Pincus Hartman, Clinical Professor of Business Ethics at Boston University Questrom School of Business. Professor Hartman had been involved in community business restoration both pre- and post-earthquake and, while living among the Haitian people, she identified a critical need for high-quality education.

The need is indeed critical in Haiti. It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The adult literacy rate for men is 64% and 57% for women. Half the children don’t attend school and only 29% of adults over 25 have even attended secondary school. Over two-thirds of the labor force don’t have formal jobs. Haiti has an overall incidence of poverty of 77%.

  • Give generously today to help fund this worthwhile and important endeavor to educate and develop the future leaders of Haiti, leading inevitably to a healthier, more prosperous Haiti — and therefore, world!

You may designate your gift to Haiti if desired. Your donation is tax exempt as provided by law.

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