Have you ever wanted to complete a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon?

A Triathlon Sprint, Olympic, Half or Full Ironman?

Are you new to athletics? Are you a long time athlete? Are you a top age group finisher? Are you a pro?

Do you like making a difference? Do you like empowering kids? Do you like changing people’s lives?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Team COCI is for you.

Team COCI is a group of volunteers and supporters who use athletic events to share about Cherish Our Children International programs. We raise awareness and funds for the programs that allow each child the opportunity to make their unique contribution to the world.

It’s easy to be part of the Team. Pick any athletic event you want to participate in. It can even be one you create yourself. Register for the event, and then set up your page to share about your event goals.

Join Team COCI – 2 Simple Steps

Step 1: Register for any athletic event in your area

Below are races in the Houston area to consider.

Step 2: Click here to set up your donation page

If you are already participating in a triathlon or any other athletic event this season, we invite you to become a team member and choose the COCI children as your inspiration. If you do not see the event you want to participate in email team@cherishourchildern.org and we will add it to the list so you can race for the COCI kids.

MHSL 2015-1552Team COCI

Team COCI provides you, athletes of all levels, the opportunity to enhance your race experience. We invite you to pick one event this season to be the one that challenges you to reach your next performance goal while making a difference for the children and teenagers COCI serves.

How Team COCI Athletes Succeed

Our athletes set an event goal (complete your first 5K, win a marathon, etc.), and we race in honor of and raise funds for COCI. By adding this element to our event participation, your training and race day experience are like no other. This opportunity affords us a way to share with family and friends about our racing goals and provides us additional motivation to train and cross the finish line – no matter what. We succeed because COCI succeeds!

Team Highlights and Resources

  1. There is no cost to join Team COCI.
  2. There is no minimum fundraising requirement.
  3. We encourage you set your goal high, at least $1,000, because there is nothing to lose and so much to gain!
  4. Team membership is yearly, and we suggest racing only one race per year as a fundraising race for COCI.
  5. Our athletes choose any event distance and date that fits their schedule
  6. We have team trainings you can participate in two to three times a month during race season.

You will receive all the training and fundraising support you need to successfully cross the finish line and we guarantee you will have fun every step of the way knowing each stride you take gives children opportunities they deserve!

Team COCI – Page Setup Instructions
Offline Donation Instructions
Sample Emails

The children will help ensure you reach your training and race goals. All there is to do is let them. Thank you for your interest in joining Team COCI!  We can’t wait to have you on our Team! You are on your way to crossing your event finish line like a champion.

Please contact Team COCI at team@cherishourchildren.org for more information.