We are looking for leaders for the following Team COCI Events:

What is a Team COCI event team leader?

A Team COCI event team leader is an individual who builds a team of 5 to 10 individuals to do an athletic event in honor of the children COCI serves. One of the primary goals of Team COCI is to raise the financial resources needed to support our programs…every dollar counts when it comes to the life of a child.

What does the event team leader do?

He/she selects an event to do and invites individuals to be on the team with them. The leader will also share and have each team member share about what COCI does and identify a program they would like to support through their athletic endeavor. The event team leader will also support each team member with setting up a fundraising page to share about their event and why they are racing for COCI.

What else does the event team leader do?

To support each team members’ success, the team leader would complete the below tasks for each team member.

  1. Send a “welcome to the team” email after they create their fundraising page.
  2. Send a “congratulations email” when they receive their first donation.
  3. Send “kudos” emails to encourage each team member along the way to their finish line.
  4. Call the team members prior to the event to support and thank them.
  5. Be the team leader at the event. Get a group photo and other event photos.
  6. Send out a “thank you letter” to each team member after the event.

Who will support me as I take on being a Team COCI team leader?

You will be supported by one of our Team COCI leaders who will train you in having conversations, provide you will all the email templates, and be available to support you with any questions.

How much time would I need to set aside to take this on?

Our experience is that it only takes 15 minutes a week leading up to your event and the one to two weeks after your event to wrap things up.

How do I take on being a Team COCI event leader?