3 Simple Steps to Join Our Team

Step 1: Learn about our cause. Watch 7 minute video.

Step 2: Register for any athletic event. Consider one of these*

Register Here Texas 10 Running Series (Multiple event options)
Register Here Onurmark Triathlons or Runs (Multiple event options)
Register Here Finishline Sports Turkey Trot
Register Here The Woodlands Marathon, Half Marathon, 5k, 2k
See example pages here.
See instructions to set up your page here.
*These are events of our current team members. If your event is not listed, please contact team@cherishourchildren.org.
The children will help ensure you reach your training and race goals. All there is to do is let them!


Thank you for your interest in joining our team! You are on your way to crossing your event finish line like a champion.

As always, there is NO COST to join our team and No fundriaising minimum!

When you set up and customize your race donation page (see example pages here), we ask that you set your goal high because when you do, there is nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Sending your page to friends and family is easy. It allows you to share about your race and your added motivation to train and cross the finish line. Letting your community know about your goals will add a new level of accountability and determination to your training. On those days you don’t want to do the long swims, bike rides or runs, knowing your community is supporting your endeavours will give you strength to “get it done”.

“I ran in the firefly run which was a nightime race. I had such an amazing time and seeing everyone lit up!” - Margaux, Team COCI member

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