We are all about events, if you can dream, we can support it!

Donations earned by events provide the “fuel” for COCI Programs. We are a public charity that relies solely on people like you to help the vulnerable children around the world.

Let your creativity flow!!  There are unlimited possibilities in this area.

Create An Event today

We encourage creativity. Below you will find a few examples of events that have been created by COCI Contributors.

Pick something you LOVE to do and then get creative!

Here are a few examples:




Host a Premiere Pink Carpet Movie Event




  • Host a Home Movie Event
  • Host a Golf Tournament
  • Celebrate your Birthday to benefit COCI
  • Produce a play to benefit COCI
  • Produce a song to benefit COCI.  See an example here
  • Host a 1 hour COCI Introduction coffee in your home or office
  • Support a Youth Team Sponsored Car Wash Event
  • Have Youth Performers do their best, benefiting COCI. 
  • Host a reception to an existing play, art exhibit, movie, dance, etc.
  • Identify Your Passion and Create an Event in your world!

~~Do it for the COCI kids~~