Our Story


Our journey stretches nearly 30 years,

from our beginnings rescuing HIV-positive children

From Romanian orphanages, to our work today empowering students of incarcerated parents. Throughout history, we have sought out sustainable solutions for the problems trauma can inflict on children.

Today we are proud to be able to help the next generation of students who have a parent in prison by providing resources and tools for success at home, at school, and in their communities.

No poverty
Best education
Clean water
Good health

Our Mission

At COCI, we passionately commit to creating sustainable solutions that inspire and positively impact vulnerable children, their families, and communities with enduring effect.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every student, regardless of circumstance, possesses the resources and tools necessary to shape a healthy and successful life, fostering a global landscape of opportunity and well-being.


We act with honesty, responsibility, accountability, and transparency. Courage guides us to do the right thing. We are entrusted stewards of lives and resources.


Honoring intrinsic dignity, we treat others as we wish to be treated. We celebrate the richness in diversity, recognizing the worth of each person.


Choosing service, we embrace roles as passionate, creative servant leaders, prioritizing humility and fostering positive impact in our actions.


Working collectively, we achieve more than individually. Committed to synergy, we encourage each other and collaborate seamlessly. Join Us Today.


We've funded 12,503 charity projects for 25M people around the world